Dried Fruit

Supply of the highest quality nuts including pistachios, dates, figs, raisins and sliced dried fruits.

Medicinal plants

supply of the best medicinal plants from the most pristine parts of Iran, including saffron, rosa damascene, cumin, thyme and chamomile.


Export and import of fertilizers, ceramics and building stones.


Supply of Iranian handicrafts including Kilim, Patte, Termeh and etc.

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We never imagine a stopping point for our growth
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Noora Tejarat Kaviran Company,

in order to attract and maintain customer satisfaction, always has a special look at the supply chain and generally seeks to establish long-term business relationships. The company has tried to expand its target markets by diversifying its activities. Activities in the fields of dried fruits, medicinal plants, chemical and petrochemical industries and handicrafts. Each of these areas has a variety of products. Noora Tejarat Kaviran Company continues to welcome new ideas in order to develop its business and will never stop growing and learning. The geographical scope of this company is not limited and it is constantly looking for new business connections.

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